Horticulture Association of Bhutan

འབྲུག་བཟའ་ཐོག་དང་ལྡུམ་ར་རིག་པའི་མཐུན་ཚོགས།         Horticulture Association of Bhutan

Message from President

Dear members,
It is with great pleasure that I address you today as the President of this remarkable organization. I am honored to lead such a dedicated Cooperatives, Community Based Organizations, Farmer group and individuals who are committed to promoting horticulture and making a positive impact on our communities.
Our organization’s mission is to promote the benefits of horticulture to society and the environment. We believe that horticulture has the power to transform our world, creating healthier and more beautiful environments, providing opportunities for education and employment, and improving the quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds.
As we move forward, I encourage all of our members to continue to work hard and strive for excellence in all that we do. Whether it is through innovative programs, community outreach, or scientific research, we can make a difference and achieve our goals.
I would also like to extend my gratitude to our dedicated volunteers and supporters, who tirelessly give their time, resources, and expertise to advance our cause. Your commitment to our organization is what makes it possible for us to continue to make a positive impact on our communities and the world.
In the coming year, we will continue to work on expanding our reach and impact, building partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations, and developing new programs and initiatives to promote horticulture and its benefits.
I am excited about the future of our organization and look forward to working with all of you to achieve our goals. Together, we can make a difference and create a better future for generations to come.
Thank you for your support.



Tshering Wangchuk

President of Horticulture Association of Bhutan

President and CEO