Horticulture Association of Bhutan

འབྲུག་བཟའ་ཐོག་དང་ལྡུམ་ར་རིག་པའི་མཐུན་ཚོགས།         Horticulture Association of Bhutan

National Crop Ambassador

The position of National Crop Ambassador will be bestowed upon an individual who is pursuing a degree in agriculture or a related field. The ideal candidate must possess a keen interest and enthusiasm for working in the agricultural sector and should be passionate about fulfilling the aims and objectives of the association. The National Crop Ambassador must possess exceptional communication, time management, creativity, and organizational skills to excel in the role.

As the official representative of the association and the country, the National Crop Ambassador will engage in discussions, future projects, negotiations, and other necessary programs. In addition, the Ambassador will assume the role of head supervisor, responsible for overseeing the employees of the association and monitoring ongoing projects. In other words, the Ambassador’s primary responsibility will be as a member representative addressing all issues concerning the association. This role is further divided into district, gewog, and chewog levels.